• April Newsletter and price increase

    Hi everyone and welcome to this month’s newsletter.

    I have just come back from a mediation training course and spent some time with an Organic farmer. It’s been really interesting to learn about the benefits of swapping to organic products and food. It was my intention to swap my aromatherapy oils to organic this year anyway but talking to him has hastened my decision.

    So I am very pleased to say that I have taken delivery of a number of either wild grown and organic essential oils which I will be using for massage and facials. I am also introducing an Organic facial with 100% organic ingredients, plant and oil based. It’s on special this month so come and enjoy this yummy treat.

    3 reasons you should buy organic beauty products:

    1. Organic beauty ingredients are produced without the use of as many artificial fertilisers, pesticides, or other synthetic chemicals as conventional beauty ingredients. By using organic skincare, I want to make sure that the ingredients I use in have not been treated with the same number of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

    Certain chemicals used as pesticides have been found to persist in the food chain and have been found to accumulate in human body tissue. Health concerns have been raised about pesticide exposure and about the ‘chemical cocktail’ often applied to non-organic food all over the world. These chemicals could penetrate into your skin, get further into your body – possibly even into your bloodstream – and cause short-term or chronic health issues.

    2. Organic farming doesn’t just benefit the end users of its produce, it’s also better for the environment. By being less dependent on oil-based fertilisers and pesticides, organic farming methods offer a practical model for addressing climate-friendly production of food and beauty ingredients. This method of farming also stores higher levels of carbon in the soil.

    3. Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and the way that our food and our beauty products are produced. Organic farmers typically take a holistic approach that respects and harnesses the power of natural processes to build positive health across the ecology of the farm.

    The other piece of news is that there is a small price increase this month, the first in 2 years. But it’s only a pound or two at the most. You are still getting the same level of care and nurturing as always from me.

    Organic Facial

    This facial involves the use of 100% paraben free products, leaving the skin marvellously rejuvenated and refreshed. In addition to combating signs of ageing, our faces are constantly being subjected to harsh ecological factors as well as harmful skin products. This facial is from a range of skincare containing pure plant extracts and exotic floral oils to simulate the skin. Helping to unclog pores, exfoliate, increase circulation and deep cleanse the skin. Giving you a clearer and brighter completion which is hydrated and ultra soft. It will be £42 – introduction price £37

    Plus all things Zen.

    Zen Restoration 75 minutes of combination of Aromatherapy massage to the face and head, Reflexology, Crystal healing, Reiki and Sound Healing - £45

    Zenflexology Harnessing the energy of Quartz crystals, Reiki, Massage and Aromatherapy this hour and a quarter treatment will bliss you out for ages. The treatment is started with a head, neck and shoulder massage with aromatherapy oils, and then selected crystals are placed on and around the head. Using warmed rose quartz wands the feet are taken through a full reflexology massage - £45



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