• October Newsletter

    Hello everyone,

    A couple of people said that they didn’t receive last month’s newsletter. So apologies for that, hopefully it wasn’t all of you!

    This month is a mishmash of information which has come my way and I want to share with you. Plus details of a new treatment which I hope you will love.

    This time of year we need to be especially careful with looking after our bodies during the change in season. In Ayurvedia (the Indian view of science of life and longevity) we should be eating more root vegetables to draw energy from the earth in order to feel more grounded and adapt to the change in weather temperature. Using warming spices like ginger and turmeric to balance our digestion.

    I found a lovely cafe on Saturday and had something they call “fireside apple” Which was apple juice warmed with chopped ginger and honey. Delicious!!

    I love this time of year harvest and renewal. Take time to harvest energy to take you through the winter and plan ahead for development. I am researching some new training courses for myself, which of course you will all ultimately benefit. Plus I will be taking up the teaching mantle again. I had a break this year in order to complete my intense mediation course. Which was for my own personal evolution, and now I am really focused on helping people to move forward. So more news about Reiki courses at the end of this year.

    My favourite oils supplier posted a detailed overview of the essential oil of ginger, which I thought you might be interested in.

    With Ginger, the process of creating essential oils, which is normally enacted on the ‘higher’ plant centres like blossoms, seeds, fruits or leaves, has penetrated the ‘deeper’ energy centres of the plant, resulting in a plant that ‘blossoms from its roots’. This noble oil is far less hot or pungent than the ginger rhizome itself used in the ayurvedic cooking of India. During the long hours of distillation (10-15 hours) the raw material loses most of its sharp components (e.g. a phenolic substance called zingeron), leaving us with an oil high in sesquiterpenes (zinziberene, beta-bisabolene, beta-farnesene … ). These substances help to create a more balanced inner awareness and tranquillity of mind, and they are not caustic on the skin.

    Despite its relative mildness Ginger oil is nevertheless a good carminative and excellent to fight constipation, diarrhoea, intestinal cramps and flatulence. Together with Cinnamon it is a good ally against travel sickness. Ginger oil has also been found to have beneficial effects against human coronary diseases. It is a good remedy in cases of problems of the respiratory tract including bronchitis, coughs, catarrh, flu, sinusitis. The beneficial actions of ginger oil on rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pains are well documented.

    Ginger oil is well accepted by most skins types. Studies on the safety of it have shown that 4 % of it diluted in a carrier oil do not create any skin irritation. Ginger oil is good against skin impurities; it ‘has a soothing and mild effect on skin and soul, and when applied to the solar plexus, it gives inner comfort and psychological warmth which ‘rises from the belly’ (Ruth von Braunschweig). An excellent helper against nervous exhaustion and a major detoxifier, that gently kindles the digestive fire put under strain through bad food, stress and travelling.

    Soothing hand of Mother Earth warmed under fires of tropical suns.

    Finally about the new treatment. Back in May I introduced treatments using the Kansa wand. Which is an Ayurvedic massage tool made from bronze. The action of the wand brings about a feeling of deep relaxation and both energising at the same time. It is very detoxing also in its action. The Kansa reflexology and Kansa organic facial went down very well. So this month I turn the focus on Kansa Marma head massage.

    The head and face are first massaged with essential oils to kick start the relaxation process. Followed by a detailed marma massage routine using the wand and Marma oil. Ayurvedic treatment of the classical marma points (vital areas) and nadis (energy channels) in the body are routine in India. You can think of these vital areas as the junction points where consciousness is most closely related to the body. Marmas are sensitive and very powerful areas on the body which can be stimulated in a gentle but powerful way in order to remove blockages and stale energy, and enhance the flow of energy in the body.

    Sometimes there is confusion about the relationship between the Chakras and Marmas. In fact Chakras are energy centres located on the spine, while marmas are the points on the skin. The seven 'Mahamarma' points (important marma points) correspond with the seven Chakras. I shall be focusing on these seven Mahamarma points. £40 for 45 minute treatment. Introductory price £36

    Also the Supreme Zen-ness was very popular and well appreciated by many, so for October it is still available at the special price of £55 Plus I am adding in some Kansa wand massage into the mix too. A fully body massage using organic aromatherapy oils. Warm bamboo, Hot stones, Warm detox Himalayan stones, Kansa wand and Warmed gemstones on the face. Knock your body out with detox, lymphatic drainage, nurture and balance.

    Also on special this month

    Kansa Reflexology

    The treatment is wonderfully relaxing and helps to balance body, mind and spirit. It starts with massage of the entire feet and lower legs (toes, feet, ankles, calves) which are encouraged to relax through the application of massage techniques carried out with the aid of coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter) or sesame oil. The treatment is performed with a Kansa wand which contains 3 metals copper, zinc and tin. Copper is thought to help in reducing pain and inflammation, zinc is thought to help in proper functioning of the digestive and immune systems while tin is believed to be helpful in digestion, relieving headaches and insomnia. Reflexology using warmed rose quartz wands continues the treatment focusing on the main energy points, these points may help to relieve certain conditions around the body and free the energy flow. The whole treatment is approx 1 hour 15 minutes..................... £42

    Sheer Bliss 1 – 15 mins Back massage and full holistic facial.........£45

    Sheer Bliss 2 – 30 mins back massage and mini facial.................£45

    Sacred Stone Facial

    Drawing on ancient healing and beauty secrets of Ayurveda, this treatment starts with massage of the feet with an organic oil which helps to eliminate inflammation from the body. The toes are then wrapped with hot basalt stones and tucked into booties, before the facial begins. The face is massaged with alternating hot and cold stones (called contrast hydrotherapy) to clear congestion and tone the skin. A mama point (Ayurvedic facial energy map) massage is also performed prior to application of a raw honey mask. Finally, specific healing crystals are placed on the face to balance the energy of the body. £38

    1 ½ hours of Reiki - £40 (Saving you £11)



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