• October news

    Haven’t we had a fabulous summer? Which continues even now... Despite the unseasonal warm weather I am copying you in on an email I received this week. Advice from the Ayurvedic meditation centre I visit every year. Ayurvedia is the science of life and longevity, encompassing massage, diet, meditation, proper breathing, Yoga, herbs and Vedic architecture (healthy homes). So here for your benefit is a little advice on how to change your diet in accordance with the changing season.

    We measure out each year by its seasonal changes – the cold sleep of nature during winter, it’s re-awakening during spring, its full splendour during summer and the fruits bearing seeds of nature’s renewal during autumn. As summer changes to autumn, the sap of each tree begins to draw inwards. Bright green leaves gradually dry and become yellow, orange, red and brown, then they wither and fall.

    The fire element of summer withdraws and the air element starts to predominate. Winds blow a cooler, drier air. The life-force energy that Ayurveda calls Prana becomes more abundant in the atmosphere during autumn and one can enjoy bracing and reviving walks.

    The balancing of qualities

    Autumn has its own qualities as or Gunas and these are very similar to the qualities of Vata dosha*, the element in our body responsible for movement. The qualities of both autumn and Vata are erratic, rough, dry, windy, cool, light, subtle and clear. As it tends to increase these qualities in our body, autumn is considered part of the Vata season, which actually lasts until the beginning of January.

    To avoid going out of balance and creating the seeds of disease, those with a predominance of Vata need to pay particular attention to their how Vata dosha is affecting them. Constipation, dry skin, restlessness, insomnia, and anxiety are all tell-tale signs that Vata is high.

    Autumnal Dos and Don’ts

    But whatever Dosha predominates in your body, it is always wise to avoid or reduce activities, behaviours and foods that will increase Vata and favour those that balance the increased Vata in the environment.

    • Eating warm cooked food is the most important principle for everyone, during Vata season. Adding Organic Vata Churna (spice mix) to your meals helps balance Vata.

    • Warm drinks such as hot milk or Organic Vata Tea have an immediate balancing affect.

    • Avoid raw foods as these will increase the rough and cool Gunas, and in the case of raw cereal, the dry Guna. Freshly cooked warm foods are always best.

    • A little ghee, coconut oil or olive oil with your food, will help increase the unctuous and smooth Gunas. This will help balance those rough and dry qualities and immediately calm down restless Vata.

    • It’s good to always have a mixture of leaves/greens and root vegetable with your meals, but during autumn, and early winter, it is best to favour root vegetables. Root vegetables are heavier in quality than leaves and greens and this balances the light quality of Vata. They are also generally sweeter and less bitter, which helps balance Vata.

    • With our fast-paced lifestyle cold salads, dry cereals with cold milk or yoghurt, and cold sandwiches are often the foods of convenience, but they are also the types of foods that create Vata imbalance.

    • Avoid too much travel or change to your routine, as both will increase the erratic Guna inherent within Vata. Adopt a steady routine and get sufficient rest and sleep.

    • Avoid drafts and keep a hat and scarf on when you go out for a walk. Although long walks on windy autumn days can be exhilarating, they also increase the windy, cool, subtle and clear Gunas and will elevate Vata dosha.

    • If the weather is windy, it’s best to keep your window closed while sleeping or sleep will become light, erratic and disturbed.

    Try this and see how you feel

    For a few days, try the following and see how much better you feel:

    • Start the day with a warm stewed apple, along with porridge oats that is cooked in warm milk or water, with a little cinnamon, a pinch of salt and a few added raisins.

    • For lunch try a vegetable curry or try some warm, cooked vegetables with Organic Vata Churna added, rice with ghee, and mung dhal soup.

    • If you really need a snack, try dates or fresh fruit, or warm milk with some cardamom. Caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, are can be Vata-promoting and should be avoided.

    • Supper can include a warm vegetable soup with toast.

    • A cup of warm milk with a pinch of ginger and some sugar or honey is recommended before bed, for a sound sleep.

    Foods to favour during autumn

    During autumn, favour foods that are sweet, sour, and salty, but at the same time take care not to put Kapha and Pitta out of balance (see list of suggested foods on sidebar).

    Foods to reduce during autumn

    Cut down on, or avoid, dry cereals, iced or cold foods, barley, corn, buckwheat, rye, dried fruits (that are not soaked). Avoid sour fruits such as black currents, gooseberries, rhubarb and cranberries. Avoid raw salads.

    Foods to reduce during autumn

    Autumn is a transition period between the warmest and coldest seasons of the year and an important time to remove Ama (accumulated impurities) from the system.

    Vata Reducing Foods

    Fruits to Favour

    • Apples (cooked)

    • Prunes (soaked)

    • Raisins (soaked)

    • Bananas

    • Dates

    • Figs

    • Mangoes

    • Papayas

    • Avocados

    • Oranges

    • Tangerines

    • Grapefruit

    • Grapes

    • Lemons

    • Limes

    Vegetables to favour

    • Carrots

    • Beetroot

    • Sweet potatoes

    • Onions

    • Pumpkins

    • Squash

    • Ladies fingers

    Grains to favour

    • Basmati rice (white or brown)

    • Oats

    • Quinoa

    • Wheat

    • Amaranth

    Pulses to favour

    • Kidney Beans

    • Mung beans and dal

    • Urad dal

    • Miso

    Nuts and seeds to favour

    • All nuts and seeds are help reduce Vata

    Dairy to favour

    • Ghee

    • Butter

    • Cream

    • Milk (warm or hot)

    • Yogurt (best diluted with water and only taken at lunch)

    • Buttermilk

    • Cheese

    • Kefir

    • Sour Cream

    Animal products to favour (for non-vegetarians)

    • Eggs

    • Fish

    • Lobster

    • Oysters

    • Shrimp

    • Beef

    • Chicken

    • Crab

    • Duck

    • Turkey

    • Venison

    Oils to favour

    • Ghee

    • Coconut oil

    • Sesame oil

    • Olive oil

    • Almond oil

    • Safflower oil

    Sweeteners to favour

    • Raw Sugar

    • Jaggary sugar

    • Coconut sugar

    • Honey

    • Maple syrup

    • Molasses

    • Rice syrup

    Spices to favour

    • Ginger

    • Cumin

    • Coriander

    • Black Pepper

    • Cardamom

    • Cinnamon

    • Turmeric

    • Asafoetida (hing)

    • Garlic

    • Allspice

    • Paprika

    • Anise

    • Basil

    • Bay Leaf

    • Clove

    • Garlic

    • Mustard Seeds

    • Nutmeg

    • Oregano

    • Rosemary

    • Dill

    • Parsley

    • Saffron

    • Chillies

    I am swapping to sesame oil based massages to support the body in the transition to autumn and I also have a Vata massage oil which contains, sesame, Aswagandha, country mallow, aloe weed, lemon and Jasmine. It’s helpful for an overactive mind, insomnia, aches and pains and low immunity.

    How about some lovely suggestions for treatment? Ayurvedic ones!

    Indian head massage

    In India a traditional head massage practised by generations was an important feature of family life and maintenance of health. It consisted of a vigorous head massage and use of oils for hair health. It has now been westernised to incorporate the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands and face - the area’s most vulnerable to stress. By increasing oxygen and blood supply to the brain, mental fatigue, anxiety and stress are all relieved.

    Increased mobility and pain relief can also be achieved. A feeling of calmness and relaxation, dispersal of toxins from tense knotted muscles, stimulation of circulation and a higher level of alertness and concentration can all be achieved from regular treatment. If that is not all, improved scalp and hair condition, relief from eye-strain, tension headaches and migraine. Hot stones and essential oils are also used to enhance the psychological and physical benefits of this treatment - £34

    Indian Champissage (Natural face lift) Massage

    Based on the ayurvedic principals of energy balance. This unique treatment uses a combination of acupressure, polarity therapy, reiki and swedish style massage. The skin is polished with an oatmeal scrub which is a natural source of vitamin E and antioxidants. The mask is a natural honey and vitamin E base which has natural antiseptic and has skin softening qualities. As well as feeling terrifically balanced and calm your skin will be toned, smooth and radiant. A deep scalp massage using exotic oils is also included. There is a good chance you will feel beautiful on the inside too - £38

    Sacred Stone Facial

    Drawing on ancient healing and beauty secrets of Ayurveda, this treatment starts with massage of the feet with an organic oil which helps to eliminate inflammation from the body. The toes are then wrapped with hot basalt stones and tucked into booties, before the facial begins. The face is massaged with alternating hot and cold stones (called contrast hydrotherapy) to clear congestion and tone the skin. A mama point (Ayurvedic facial energy map) massage is also performed prior to application of a raw honey mask. Finally, specific healing crystals are placed on the face to balance the energy of the body - £38

    As promised I have dreamed up a new treatment and I am calling it Zenflexology. It is based on a lovely reflexology treatment and head massage. Here it is in more detail.


    Harnessing the energy of quartz crystals, Reiki, massage and aromatherapy this hour and a half treatment will bliss you out for ages. The treatment is started with a head, neck and shoulder massage with aromatherapy oils, and then selected crystals are placed on and around the head. Using warmed rose quartz wands the feet are taken through a full reflexology massage - £46

    Looking forward to seeing you and chillin you out.



  • September Autumn Equinox news

    Mabon: Autumn Equinox - September 21st-23rd

    Gwyl canol Hydref or Mabon: (Also known as Harvest Home, Harvest Tide, Fall Equinox, Autumn Equinox etc.), September 21-24.

    Technically, an equinox is an astronomical point and, due to the fact that the earth wobbles on its axis slightly, the date may vary by a few days depending on the year. The autumnal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator on its apparent journey southward, and we experience a day and a night that are of equal duration. Up until Mabon, the hours of daylight have been greater than the hours from dusk to dawn. But from now on, the reverse holds true.

    Mabon marks the middle of harvest, it is a time of equal day and equal night, and for the moment nature is in balance. It is a time to reap what you have sown, of giving thanks for the harvest and the bounty the Earth provides. For finishing up old projects and plans and planting the seeds for new enterprises or a change in lifestyle. Mabon is a time of celebration and balance.

    This is the time to look back not just on the past year, but also your life, and to plan for the future. In the rhythm of the year, Mabon is a time of rest and celebration, after the hard work of gathering the crops. Warm autumn days are followed by chill nights.

    The passing of Mabon is inevitable and the Sun should be mourned. We too, must remember that all things must come to an end. But endings are a good time to celebrate our successes, thank our selves and those who helped us, and take part in the balance of life!

    Mabon is the time of the autumn equinox, and the harvest is winding down. The fields are nearly bare, because the crops have been stored for the coming winter. Mabon is a time when we take a few moments to honour the changing seasons, and celebrate the second harvest. On or around September 21, for many Pagan and Wiccan traditions it is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings. It is also a time of balance and reflection, following the theme of equal hours light and dark.

    If any of you have attended any of my Reiki courses, you would have heard me talk about changing your experience in life by changing your beliefs about life. Here is a basic explanation for you to consider.

    Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't you're right." This is further repeated by other philosophers and masters. Modern psychological research has demonstrated the great effect of belief system on health, the mind, and success. Cancer patients who believe they can beat the disease are much more likely to go into remission. Students who believe they can do well at school will do well. The list is endless.

    Our belief systems are brought on by repetitions of thoughts and also by our past experiences. Thus if you use affirmations to repeat the idea that you are intelligent, you will end up believing that you are intelligent. This in turn will make you more intelligent which becomes part of your experiences of the past.

    The second factor is our past experiences. To use the example of intelligence again, when we do something we deem to be intelligent, we add to our core belief that we are intelligent. Our belief systems are like bank accounts. Thus each time we do something we believe is intelligent we add to our belief that we are intelligent and also each time we do something we believe is not so intelligent we diminish our belief that we are intelligent.

    As children our belief system and our self-esteem is derived by the way we are treated by our parents, siblings and other significant people. Thus by the time we are adults we have pretty fixed opinions of ourselves. We think we are this and not that. Our past experiences confirm our belief system. However, do not despair. There are ways of changing your belief system. They are not necessarily easy. It takes consistent work to change belief systems which have developed over the years.

    The question is how can you change your belief system?

    • When you have a negative thought, remind yourself and say, "Cancel cancel."

    • Make a list of times in the past you have demonstrated the trait. Thus if you want to change your belief about your intelligence, make a list of times you have been intelligent. Start with examining your list of successes. Add to this list every time you do something well.

    • Use visualization to visualize yourself having the characteristic you desire.

    • Use affirmations.

    • Pretend you have the new belief system and act as if you had that belief.

    “Be the change you want to see in the world” — Mahatma Gandhi

    This is an excerpt from Mark Victor Hansen’s book Chicken Soup for the Soul.

    Before you will see a change in the world, you need to make positive changes in yourself and your own life. Your personal beliefs mold the person you are, and you can mold your personal beliefs….here’s how:

    Creating a New Positive Belief System

    It is because of your belief system that you are where you are in life right now. You have created your success or failure with the beliefs that you have established within yourself.

    Most people would be astounded to know how many of their beliefs are based on lack, limitation, and shortage – and that these thoughts reproduce themselves directly into their life experiences.

    You owe it to yourself to think only of unlimited prosperity, because abundance IS reality. There is no lack, no shortage. There are no limits except for those we impose on ourselves. Prosperity doesn’t start with someone or something outside of you.

    Your success or failure begins and ends with you. What you think and what you believe determines your success or failure.

    Your conscious mind is a powerful thing. What you concentrate on comes back to you -multiplied. Your mind is a source of unlimited, overflowing abundance – and its manifestation into the physical world depends on your thoughts and beliefs. Your belief in the possibility or impossibility of a situation determines the outcome. If you don’t believe in the possibility of success, it’s just not going to be possible.

    So, how do you replace your old, self-defeating belief system with a new, prosperity-focused belief system? Start from within. Delete any “can’t-do” beliefs you may have lurking deep inside, and start believing that you CAN.

    But simply eliminating old beliefs is not enough. You have to replace them with new positive ones, because something must occupy that empty space. Remember, the Universe abhors a vacuum, so choose something positive to take its place.

    The second step is to stay away from the “can’t do” people in your life. If you can’t avoid them totally, then don’t get infected with their negativity. Give yourself a “prosperity booster shot” by remembering that the beliefs and opinions of other people do not have to become your reality. Someone is always going to try to tell you it’s not possible. You have to train your mind to block out these negative words.

    Every time you hear a “you can’t – it’s not possible” – say “NEXT!” to yourself and flip back to your new way of thinking. Tell them that you have moved forward, and that old, negative way of thinking has no place in your life. If they can’t accept the new you simply stop discussing your goals with them. Stay focused in your new mindset and become a joyful example of what happens when you believe in yourself and what’s possible.

    Think big and prosperous and you’ll get big, prosperous results. Think small and lacking and you’ll achieve just that. The choice is yours.

    “Our inner image of ourselves and what we want to accomplish in life makes us become what we were meant to be.”

    For anyone who has been reading my newsletter for some time will remember this from 2009. Repeated this month for anyone who has not seen it.

    There is a new moon on the 1st of September. In paganism and astrology this means a symbolic point of attention, and a symbolic portal for new beginnings.

    New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you'd like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest. There are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals.

    Sound healing and Reiki are perfect holistic energy treatments to set your mind on track. Being supportive and deep conscious level thinking, they can really help if you are feeling stuck! One gentleman who comes for treatment refers to them as “mindy”

    Offers for this month...

    Reiki treatment - £35 1 hour or £45 for 1 ½ hours

    Sound healing - £39

    Energy Zone – an hour of each of the above - £49

    Reiki Drumming - £36

    If you want massage, then the 2 hour blissful session from last month is still on offer - £65

    Looking forward to seeing you.



  • August Newsletter

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are enjoying the summer now that it has finally arrived! I thought it was funny last week when the temperature here was 3 degrees hotter than Crete, where I was basking in the sun.

    So of course I went to the Spa in my hotel. It would have been rude not to... I was inspired to use Olive oil in my massages when I got back. Do you know on Crete, the local people drink/eat 1 litre of the stuff each per week!! Which I guess is why some of them are over 100 years old. So what are the benefits of using oil on the body?

    Olive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols.Antioxidants, when topically applied, may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging benefits of olive oil because it helps restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage to the skin.

    Unlike commercial moisturisers that can clog pores and exacerbate current skin conditions, olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin while providing a cleansing effect. Try using organic olive oil at night as a substitute for your regular moisturiser. Apply a teaspoon of the oil to the face and neck. Gently pat the skin with a paper towel to wipe away any excess oil.

    Another one of olive oil’s benefits for skin is its usefulness in exfoliating applications. A common exfoliating method using olive oil is to mix 1 tablespoon of the oil with natural sea salt, rubbing this mixture over the skin. The mild abrasive qualities of the sea salt, combined with the deep, penetrating action of the oil, will remove dead skin cells and leave the epidermis looking renewed and glowing.

    Olive oil is also used for nail and cuticle care, and many women use it as an eye makeup remover. Further applications include using it as an ingredient in homemade facial masks. One other interesting application for both men and women is the substitution of olive oil for shaving cream. Many men have abandoned shaving cream once they discovered how close a shave they can get with olive oil. Men and women alike have also found its refreshing qualities make it an excellent aftershave.

    So the nectar of the gods will be used in this month’s lovely treatments. I also have a balm containing olive oil, beeswax and calendula (marigold) which was grown harvested and made up in the mountains. So if you have a facial you will be treated to this also.

    Here are this month’s lovely specials designed as a pre-holiday preparation, post holiday treat or just because you are worth it.

    2 hour full body massage. Using the finest olive oil and aromatherapy oils blended. You need to book out sufficient time and do nothing but flop after this.... Using hands, bamboo, hot stones and warm salt eggs, you will melt into the couch - £65 (save £10)

    Hopi Ear Candles, also known as ear candling this is a holistic approach to ear syringing. A wonderful relaxing treatment which can help many physical and psychological complaints. The treatment represents a cleansing program for the body as a whole, not just the ears. The "chimney effect" created is a sucking motion when the end of the candle is lit. The flame creates a vibration of moving air, rising up through the candle, which serves to gently massage the ear drum. This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. It is soothing and helpful for earache and headache, ear noises (tinnitus), vertigo and pressure from flying. Also it is soothing for stress and nervousness. The physical effect often described after the treatment is a soothing deep sense of security and feeling of happiness. it is a safe and effective treatment for children too. Although for anyone with a perforated eardrum or who has grommets fitted, it is not safe.

    Hopi ear candle and Indian Head massage - £49 (save £18)

    Hopi ear candle and Reflexology – £49 (save £19)

    Hopi ear candle and Mini Facial - £47 (save £10)

    GlycoRadiance AHA treatment, as an alternative to microdermabrasion, this 40% glycolic acid treatment deeply exfoliates and clarifies the skin. It gently removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and restores luminosity and radiance to the skin. It also softens scar tissue and is therefore recommended for post acne scaring, hyper pigmentation and chloasma conditions - £38 Or 3 treatments for £90 (taken fortnightly)

    Radio Frequency Facial, a tempting £15 off this month. Prepare your skin for your holiday. If you’ve not already tried this facial, now is the time.



  • June Solstice newsletter

    Hi, in my search to find something for you to read which is both interesting and seasonal, I came upon this fun thing from the internet.

    How to Perform a Summer Solstice Ritual

    The Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, celebrates the longest day of the year. It falls around June 22. The Summer Solstice ritual focuses on the god because summer is his time. Celebrate it outdoors if you can, or if indoors, during the day so the sun is a prominent part of your ritual.


    Things You'll Need:

    • Piece of cloth or cloth pouch

    • Midsummer herbs

    • Piece of red string or yarn

    • Midsummer flowers

    • Gold or yellow robe, shirt or dress

    • Yellow or gold candle

    • Summer fruit

    Step 1 - Prepare for the Summer Solstice ritual by gathering a piece of cloth or cloth pouch and midsummer herbs. Use any combination of sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, lavender, Saint John's wort and vervain that appeals to you. Meditate on your pain, troubles, sorrows and illnesses. Tie up the cloth or pouch with a red string or yarn and save it for the ritual.

    Step 2 - Think about the qualities of fire because the Summer Solstice ritual is a fire ritual. Contemplate what you need protection from (debt-collectors, a jealous friend, an abusive family member). Write down in what aspects of your life you need strength because the Summer Solstice ritual is a time to gather courage.

    Step 3 - Collect flowers for your Summer Solstice ritual that are golden yellow, deep red, white, pink and purple. Whatever you wear, choose a gold or yellow colour to honour the sun. Use a gold or yellow candle to represent the god in ritual.

    Step 4 - Cook dishes with midsummer herbs such as basil, sage, thyme and rosemary. Tomato soup or sauce, with its fiery red colour, is suitable for the season. Eat fresh fruit or fruit salad at the close of the ritual for a sweet end to summer.

    Step 5 - Set up your altar with your summer flowers, golden candle, pouch of herbs and any other tools you wish to use and cast the circle. At the point most suitable to you during your Summer Solstice ritual, hold the pouch of herbs in both hands. Mentally pour all your troubles, sorrows and pain into it. At the end of the ritual, bury the pouch deep in the ground.

    This month I shall be using Grape seed oil in all my massage blends and facial oils. Here is a little something about the benefits of this fab oil.

    The oil was first produced in France, and is now produced mainly in Spain, Italy and California. Grape seeds yield a high quality oil which is edible and it is now widely known thanks to its food and dietetic properties. The refined oil keeps fairly well, is tasteless and almost colourless. A very fine oil, used to lubricate watches. It is extracted from the seeds after the grape is picked and vilified or distilled. The seeds are washed dried, ground and pressed with the aid of heat as there is only 13% oil in the seeds.

    Folklore believe that the oils was first produced during times of hardship in Napoleonic France. To feed as well as used for lighting.

    The oil is easily digested and contains no cholesterol. In massage it leaves the skin silky smooth without being greasy. Topically it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Grape seed oil is a great source of polyphenols - flavonoids, Essential Fatty Acid - linoleic acid, vitamin E, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin.

    Studies suggest that Grape seed oil and its extract constitute anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-histamine, anti-aging, anti-allergic, antimicrobial, and adaptogenic activity. Therefore, it has been beneficial in the treatment of a number of health issues which include: arthritis, oedema, dermatitis, acne, wrinkles, dry and itchy skin, age spots, sun burns, chapped lips, wounds, bruising, stretch marks, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, chronic venous insufficiency, premature aging, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), weight loss, stress, dandruff, hair loss, warts, cardiovascular diseases especially atherosclerosis, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, visual impairment, cataract, and macular degeneration. Studies also suggest that its free radical scavenging activity may strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of developing cancer.

    Don’t forget if you want a nice and personalised blend of oils to use at home for massage and bath. Then just ask and your very own potion can be prepared.

    Here are this month’s lovely specials designed as a pre-holiday preparation.

    Spa Pedi Reflexology, I have added in a paraffin wax treatment to the feet with a mini head massage whilst it takes effect. So dip your tired feet into the spa with herbal soak magnet therapy and infrared, and allow me to remove all the hard skin, exfoliating sugar with aroma oils, Paraffin wax wrap, prior to a full reflexology treatment - £42

    Back Detox, A purifying back treatment including, cleanse, exfoliation with mineral salts, hot stone massage with essential oils and deep cleansing geranium mask. Call it a backacial if you like - £37

    Free body scrub with any full body massage, Bamboo, Thai herbal compress or Hot stone aromatherapy.

    Hopi Ear Candles, also known as ear candling this is a holistic approach to ear syringing. A wonderful relaxing treatment which can help many physical and psychological complaints. The treatment represents a cleansing program for the body as a whole, not just the ears. The "chimney effect" created is a sucking motion when the end of the candle is lit. The flame creates a vibration of moving air, rising up through the candle, which serves to gently massage the ear drum. This induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. It is soothing and helpful for earache and headache, ear noises (tinnitus), vertigo and pressure from flying. Also it is soothing for stress and nervousness. The physical effect often described after the treatment is a soothing deep sense of security and feeling of happiness. it is a safe and effective treatment for children too. Although for anyone with a perforated eardrum or who has grommets fitted, it is not safe - £31

    GlycoRadiance AHA treatment, as an alternative to microdermabrasion, this 40% glycolic acid treatment deeply exfoliates and clarifies the skin. It gently removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and restores luminosity and radiance to the skin. It also softens scar tissue and is therefore recommended for post acne scaring, hyper pigmentation and chloasma conditions - £38

    Lash and brow tint - £16

    Mini facial and toes paint - £34

    Radio Frequency Facial, a tempting £15 off this month. Prepare your skin for your holiday. If you’ve not already tried this facial, now is the time.



  • The limbic system and aromatherapy

    The limbic system

    The limbic area of the brain (the physiological seat of emotions), which correlates to deep emotional states, surrounds the hypothalamus, which has often been called the “brain’s brain” and is the body’s central regulatory switchboard. The hypothalamus regulates temperature, thirst, hunger, blood sugar levels, growth, sleeping, and waking, and emotions such as anger and happiness. Situated just below the hypothalamus is the pituitary gland, the body’s master gland, which emits secretions that control the activity of many other glands in the body. Taken together, these three elements – the limbic area, hypothalamus, and pituitary – form the “limbic system”, which alters with every alteration in emotions, creating a new mix of molecules which transform the functioning of the body.

    The hypothalamus is impacted by stimuli from a number of sources: the five senses; the immune system; cognitive information; and above all, emotion. Stimuli coming from the limbic region of the brain cases the hypothalamus to release a wide variety of neuropeptides. These neuropeptides, in turn, stimulate specific hormones from the pituitary gland and, thus, specific activity in all endocrine glands, including the thymus and adrenal glands. This new combination of chemical messengers changes the operation and make-up of the body, especially the metabolic system and the immune system.

    Through the action of the limbic system, particular psychological and emotional states take on molecular form. When you watch an “action movie”, you may begin to feel a nervous stomach and sweaty palms. Specific chemical messengers have been released. The body has been changed by what it is seeing on the screen. The emotions raised by the movie correlate which activity in the limbic system.

    In this sense, the body metabolises the emotional content of every experience it has. Happiness registering in the limbic region stimulates one cascade of chemicals from the hypothalamus and pituitary, with corresponding physiological changes everywhere in the body. Sadness creates another cascade, and another physiology.

    The hypothalamus can also communicate with the body directly. It modulates the activity of the autonomic nervous system and other neuropeptides thorough out the body. More significantly, these receptors have been found on immune system lymphocytes (fast acting immune system cells) all over the body. These lymphocytes tuning into the messages created by thoughts and feelings. There is a two-way communication network between the brain and the immune system, which can modify its functioning. Evidence of the mind body connection!


    Look in the perfumes of flowers and nature for peace of mind and joy of life.

    From the writings of Wang Wei, 8th century

    Smell has a profound effect on the mind and body. Olfactory cells in the nose are connected to the hypothalamus. At the same time, the message of a particular aroma is carried to the limbic areas of the bran surrounding the hypothalamus, which processes emotions, and to the hippocampus, (love this word) an area of the brain responsible for memory (which is why certain aromas trigger such vivid memories).

    I am going to stop here before this turns into an essay. But suffice to say that both Reflexology and Aromatherapy have profound effect on the physical and emotional states of the body and mind creating balance and harmony. In fact I blend oils for every treatment so you get a little dose each time.

    Also this month I have taken delivery of some new concentrated skin serums for the face. So the Royal collagen ultimate facial treatment has become more “polished”. You have a choice of serum:

    Sebormarine, which contains azuline (from chamomile) which helps to balance sebum (oil ) levels in the skin. Good for oily skin or acne.

    Equilmarine extract, which features lemon, burdock, and active ingredients to balance oiliness and as well as being antiseptic.

    Drymarine extract, having a powerful effect on dry or dehydrated skin with its active ingredients of collagen, kiwi, royal jelly and vitamin F.

    Revitamarine extract, with glycocermides and ginseng to help restore elasticity and luminosity. Helps to treat rosacea and thread veins and broken capillaries.

    Regemarine extreme, containing isoflavones, kelp, vitamins A&E, which combine to form a synergistic formula to firm the skin and reduce fine lines. Good for sun damaged skin and scar tissue.

    Hydromarine extreme, containing aloe vera and chitosan to help skin retain is moisture. Chamomile for soothing actions, allotoin helps to tone the skin and refine the pores.




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