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Holistic Treatments

for Conception
Pregnancy and your Baby

Pre conception Treatment

Pregnancy and childbirth are both the most rewarding and challenging times of our lives and we all need a little help to see us through. The story starts with the psychological factors involved with conception itself. So help is available with infertility issues and then pregnancy massage and ways to ensure that your journey towards childbirth is the most healthy and happy as possible. When baby arrives there are follow on treatments to sooth and calm mother and tuition for baby massage.


Reflexology - this treatment is exceptional for preconception, pregnancy and after care for mother. With deeply relaxing and energising properties, reflexology can ease many pregnancy discomforts, revitalise the hormonal system, help lactation, promote sleep quality and support emotional well being. £38
Course of 4 (taken weekly) £132

Reiki - Reiki is a fabulously safe and natural way of receiving the pampering and support you deserve, relieving the side of effects of your pregnancy, enabling you to feel relaxed and comfortable enhancing your own personal wellbeing and enjoyment during this special experience. You can make positive changes during post natural blues as reiki removes blockages and balances the emotions which cause depression. The benefits during pregnancy and post natal blues are it calms the mind, brings deep relaxation, eases lower back pain, helps with morning sickness, improves poor memory, brings clarity of thought and decision making with ease, promotes rejuvenating sleep, reduces symptoms of pain or inflammation and lastly it reduces stress and balances your emotions.  
Course of 4 (taken weekly) £132


Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage - during pregnancy this treatment consists of a specialised type of therapeutic bodywork which focuses on the unique needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. The treatment, (which is carried out in a side-lying or semi-reclining position, depending on individual needs and the month of gestation), enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue, and is complemented by the use of a safe blend of lavender and mandarin or neutral oil. The use of warmed volcanic stones may also be requested to promote deeper relaxation and pain relief. The specific benefits of massage are that: It reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and is physically nurturing, it relieves muscle spasms, cramps, fibrosis and pain, especially in the back and neck, it alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints such as pelvis, ankles and lower back, and reduces oedema.

Hydrotherm Pregnancy Massage

Designed by a midwife, the Hydrotherm Massage during pregnancy is the most relaxing treatment for mothers to be. Pregnant clients up to 9 months plus can benefit from the warm water cushion support, relaxing movements and gentle rocking in this experience. Hydrotherm Massage involves a unique three dimensional massage technique where the client is supported on two pillows of warm water in perfect spinal alignment and remains face up throughout the treatment. The system allows Michele to slide her hands under, over and around the body in an uninterrupted motion using the client’s own bodyweight as a source of pressure and water displacement instead of lifting the client. Hydrotherm Massage can be particularly beneficial to clients unable to lie face down, particularly during pregnancy.


Baby Massage - The benefits of a ten minute massage, two or three times a week helps make a more confident mother-infant relationship, babies love it and it can help alleviate baby ailments too. You will probably ask yourself, do babies actually need massage? Surely they are supple, relaxed and do not seem to face the stresses that make us knotted and tense. But not every baby knows how to relax: Many also have colic, cry a lot or sleep poorly. Massage can help with all these problems. I run small groups for parents to learn this essential massage routine, or one to one tuition is also available. £35 for 1 hour 30 minutes tuition.

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Reiki Treatment 2
Hot Stone Massage
Hydro 6
Hydro 20

Aromatherapy oils made to order

Stretch mark oil - £12 for 100ml
Swollen leg and feet oil - £8 for 100ml
Labour oil - £4.00 for 30ml

Therapeutic value oils to support and nuture you when you need it the most.

Mum to be Treatment Plan

Understanding that each person's journey into pregnancy is very individual. I am happy to mix and match and treat any part of your body which is crying for the most attention. So you can choose any combination you wish. Just ask for details and a plan of treatment can be made just for you.

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